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Welcome to my website

 I'm currently based in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh where I teach postgraduate Masters courses on 'The Human Dimensions of Environmental Change and Sustainability', 'Research Design in Human Geography' and 'Political Ecology' and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate Human Geography dissertations.  My main research interests are in community land ownership and asset management, crofting, and environmental policy implementation. I also analyse the governance and implementation of rural and regional development policy within geographically peripheral regions with a particular emphasis on the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

My blog Beyond the Horizon provides commentary and analysis on land reform policy and practice and other issues relating to rural and regional development.  I also regularly write on land reform and aspects of rural development for various publications.  Since April 2016 I've been a member of the Scottish Land Fund committee.      

On the following pages you'll find more information about me, details of the types of consultancy services I provide and information on my recent and current projects.